I am a Wife, Mom to 2 amazing kids, and an Apprentice Bruja at Botánica de La Reina. I have lived in the Sacramento area for nearly 17 years now and am proud to be a part of the local pagan community. I am a 2nd level Priestess in the Cusp Tradition and have practiced with my circle since 2002. I have studied Wicca, eclectic paganism and witchcraft, CUSP, and now I am an apprentice studying Brujeria and Hoodoo under the experienced guidance of the wonderful Katrina Rasbold. I am on the planning board and a coordinator for the Pangaia Festival, and the Sacramento Witches Ball. I am also a homeschool mom, and autism warrior momma. I advocate for the needs of special needs and mental health needs of children in the Sacramento area whenever possible..