Links Worth Mention

Katrina Rasbold – My friend, high priestess and Mentor

Studio Regency – Beautifully breathtaking Jewelry Handcrafted by a friend of mine

The Cusp Way – My Circle’s Website

Botánica de La Reina – This is where I apprentice 🙂 “A very special store filled with items that are handmade with care by competent and accomplished practitioners with more than three decades of experience. Our shop contains “needful things” offered at affordable prices to facilitate your magical journey. On site consultations are available. We will help you find the exact products for your personal situation.” sidenote: I also will be writing a column on this website titled “Baby Bruja’s Corner” focusing on products used in hoodoo, brujeria and our personal practices, as well as items sold in the shop. There are also some wonderful videos linked on the site.

Pangaia Festival – The Sacramento Pangaia festival is the brainchild of a group of people who come from various paths and whom have worked many festivals throughout the past two three decades.

Sacramento Witches’ Ball


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